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Loss Control

CGIS Risk Management Services works with you to identify goals for your risk management program, and to help you reduce risk and control costs. We can provide proactive loss prevention and safety services that help reduce the frequency and severity of losses, protect employees and the public, meet government regulatory compliance requirements, and safeguard your organization’s assets.

Looking at your operation with an eye toward potential hazards and loss takes a team with experience and concern for the future of your business. When you work with CGIS, you have a partner with a vested interest in your success.


Safety and Loss Prevention Services

  • Develop and assist with the implementation of risk control programs, policies and procedures
  • Conduct casualty risk control, industrial hygiene surveys and analysis
  • Provide regulatory compliance assistance
  • Conduct corporate occupational safety and health system audits
  • Develop and conduct managerial and hourly safety training programs
  • Provide expert witness services in regulatory and injured related cases
  • Conduct/assist with mishap incident investigation, analysis and recommendation
  • Ergonomic assessments and recommendations
  • Substance abuse program development and training
  • Implementation of OSHA-compliance programs


We welcome the opportunity to discuss our services in greater detail with you.