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CGIS has established a unique partnership arrangement with AvPac Insurance Services, Inc. allowing us to provide aviation insurance services to clients across the US and internationally.  This expertise allows us to systematically and expeditiously provide worldwide aviation insurance services through a broad range of innovative products.

Our product breadth, expertise and commitment to the aviation industry allow us to provide unparalleled risk management services to virtually every aviation Industry:

  • Commercial and Private Airports
  • Commuter Airlines
  • Corporate Aviation
  • Pleasure & Business Aircraft
  • Fixed Base Operators
  • Executive Transportation
  • Aircraft Products Manufacturing
  • Charter/Air Taxi
  • Municipal Aircraft
  • Agriculture Aeriel Applicators
  • Avionics Shops
  • Aircraft Completion Centers
  • Jet Repair Centers
  • EMS Operations
  • Law Enforcement

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our services in greater detail with you.